12 November 2018

ProFuturo asserts its commitment to digital education at the mEducation Alliance

ProFuturo CEO Sofía Fernández de Mesa spoke during the third day of  the 8th annual international event on digital education, backing the essential role of teachers in the education of the future. The symposium brings together over 300 opinion leaders and professionals from the field of information technology to discuss the use of new low-cost education technologies. 

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ProFuturo was in Washington D.C. today, participating in the third day of the 8th Annual mEducation Alliance Symposium, an international event on digital education.

The symposium brings together over 300 opinion leaders and professionals from the field of information technology to discuss the use of new low-cost education technologies with a view to improving learning outcomes, principally in low-resource environments and developing countries.

During the event, ProFuturo CEO Sofía Fernández de Mesa advocated the importance of new technologies and emphasised the leadership role that teachers have as not only catalysts in awakening learning but also agents of transformation in schools.

The ProFuturo CEO also pointed out that “several studies have shown that the lack of teacher skills and capabilities, particularly in technology, is one the main challenges facing digital education programmes. For this reason, in addition to online education, we must put training in place that includes face-to-face learning to develop digital skills and innovate teaching methods.

The ProFuturo proposed education solution includes the Learning Management System, a platform that lets faculties manage and personalise their classes, digital resources prepared for use in non-Internet environments, training for teachers in the use of technologies, and innovative teaching and learning monitoring methodologies based on Data Analytics tools.

ProFuturo, a firm commitment to digital, inclusive, equitable and quality education

An educational programme backed by Fundación Telefónica and Fundación Bancaria ”la Caixa”, ProFuturo contributes to the social and economic development of countries with children in vulnerable communities to ensure equal opportunities by providing not only quality, digital, inclusive and equitable education but also teacher training.

The ultimate aim is to deliver the best education to 10 million children in vulnerable situations across the globe by 2020, and to 25 million by 2030.

ProFuturo wants to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for 2030, particularly with SDG 4 concerning universal access to quality, equitable and inclusive education, SDG 5 concerning gender equality, SDG 10 concerning reduced inequalities and SDG 17 targeting building partnerships to achieve these goals.

ProFuturo’s CEO concluded her address by stating that “we need to involve the full scope of education, technology and political leaders as a whole to address education directly, eliminate the digital gap and thus build a future in which everyone is included, with a particular focus on public-private partnerships.