31 March 2020

Our educational resources for students

Even if you can’t go to school, you can go on learning at home. We know your future depends on it and we want to help you continue your routine in a simple way. Do you have an Internet connection? Do you have a computer, tablet or mobile phone? Then your classroom is now just a click away. We invite you to brush up on mathematics, language, science and technology by playing. Learning will have never been so much fun. 

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-ProFuturo Contents

We offer students a different way to learn. Our interactive multimedia activities will give them fun while reinforcing their knowledge from home. More than 1,600 hours of mathematics, language, science, technology and life skills contents which are in four languages ​​(Spanish, English, French and Portuguese), are designed to provide students with an active role in the learning process so that they can “learn by doing”.

Students will be able to delve into the human body, get closer to programming, review calculus and geometry, and take a tour of the different literary genres, among many other topics. From 1 May, we have made more than 1,600 additional hours of content available to students. Learn more about them here.


Contents available in: EN/SP/FR/PT

Educational resources

Access the more than 1,600 educational resources that ProFuturo has selected and catalogued from everything offered openly on the Internet. We help you filter them by subjects, levels of difficulty and type of activities to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.


Contents available in: SP

-Mathemagical Oracle

Learn maths with this video game. Enter a medieval universe and fight legendary characters to pass the different stages and manage to enter the order of the Mathemagical Oracle. To do this, you will have to solve maths problems because on this mission mental calculation, algebra and geometry will be your best allies.


Contents available in: SP