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A tour of the last news of ProFuturo: new actions, agreements, stories and protagonists...

19.12.2019 For a 2020 full of transformative stories

We are ending what has been a very intense 2019 in ProFuturo; it is time to take stock and recall each of the moments that have made this year very special for all of us who are part of the education programme promoted by Telefónica Foundation and “la Caixa”. We close 2019 with a presence […]

03.12.2019 Come and learn about the transforming power of e-learning

Are you familiar with the transforming power of e-learning? At ProFuturo we believe that it is the most powerful tool for transforming the world. Therefore and on the occasion of Universal Children’s Day, on 20 November on the 3rd floor of Espacio Fundación Telefónica we are presenting the photographic story, ‘El poder transformador de la […]

25.10.2019 Infographic: ProFuturo Observatory

ProFuturo’s digital education programme has a cornerstone: the ProFuturo Observatory. It could be defined as the “R&D” element of the programme, given that it helps to improve the education solution through digital transformation. The Observatory originated as a tool for managing both internal and external knowledge regarding the central aspect of ProFuturo’s work: digital education […]

14.10.2019 Teachers, a key part of the ProFuturo education programme

The fifth of October is World Teacher’s Day, an occasion on which we want to remember the importance of this figure in the digital education programme that ProFuturo has been carrying out for three years. During this time, in addition to benefiting 10 million children, we have trained more than 300,000 teachers in some 3,000 […]

Infographic: teachers and ProFuturo

The ProFuturo digital education programme has one vitally important figure: the teacher. During the three years of ProFuturo’s work, in addition to benefiting 10 million children, we have trained more than 300,000 teachers in some 3,000 schools in 34 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia. We believe that teachers represent one of […]

16.09.2019 17 schools in Barbados welcome the ProFuturo digital education programme

The implementation in Barbados of the ProFuturo digital education programme began this week with the training of the Ministry of Education’s officials, school principals and teacher coaches in the use and appropriation of ICT in the teaching-learning process. For two weeks, educational leaders have met in Bridgetown to learn about innovation and educational leadership, while […]

06.08.2019 Ecuador launches its Espacio Educativo ProFuturo

Espacio Educativo ProFuturo in Quito, Ecuador, was created to promote a digital education experience thanks to the confluence of the content of our education solution with diverse samples of digital art and culture. The presentation of this initiative, at the end of June, included the presence of members of the Fundación Telefónica Movistar Ecuador and […]