Transforming education in emergency situations: the commitment we and our partners make to the future of refugee children


Transforming education in emergency situations: the commitment we and our partners make to the future of refugee children

ProFuturo and its partners provide digital skills through quality education to give future opportunities to children who are forcibly displaced. They, more than anyone else, deserve to have their right to quality education fulfilled.

As of today, according to UNHCR’s Global Trends Forced Displacement Report 2024, 120 million people have been forced to flee their homes. These numbers have only risen due to the intensification of the current global conflicts.

Within this group of displaced people, the learning of millions of children are disrupted. Some, if they are lucky, end up in refugee camps where they can continue their studies, albeit in often very precarious conditions. The diversity of languages, shortage of materials and teachers, cultural differences and administrative processes represent a major challenge for children who want and need access to their right to education, and for parents who want their children to continue learning in order to have better opportunities in the future. This is the reality we want to change.

Since 2017 ProFuturo, the programme promoted by the Telefónica Foundation and “La Caixa” Foundation has developed the Digital Education Framework in crisis contexts. This holistic approach, aligned with the principles of the Interagency Network for Education in Emergency Situations (INEE), promotes access to quality comprehensive education for children who live in crisis contexts. We seek to narrow the educational gap through didactic and innovative teaching methodologies that are adapted to their situation and improve their learning, but above all to ensure they are not also forced to interrupt their education and future path

Our strategic allies

We work in Rwanda, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania and Lebanon in crisis contexts, working with partners who provide us with insight into the realities of each context and thus make the best possible impact.

Some of our activities include:

  • Together with UNHCR: We work to bring education to schools in refugee camps in several African countries. This includes the provision of technology (such as computers, tablets and projectors), an educational content platform, as well as a teacher-training and capacity building programme. We aim to foster student engagement in the classroom, improve student enrolment and retention, and optimise the use of digital tools and online platforms for teachers.
  • Together with World Vision: This is our longest-standing global partner with whom we have been working in the largest number of countries (7). ProFuturo complements World Vision’s educational projects, bringing education to schools where they are already working.
  • With Entreculturas, Save the Children and International Rescue Committee (IRC): We have implemented the ProFuturo programme in schools in refugee camps.
  • Tripartite agreement with KAYANY Foundation and the American University of Beirut: We also implement our educational programme in collaboration with these institutions.

These partnerships have allowed us to improve the quality of education in refugee camps, implement educational programmes, provide technology, train teachers, encourage student participation, increase enrolment and retention, optimise digital platforms and strengthen existing educational programmes.

A reality under construction

Educational transformation in refugee contexts is not just a dream, but a reality under construction. We will continue to work to improve education and transform the world for the youngest children who have been displaced from their homes, with the ultimate goal of changing their reality and opening a door to the opportunities offered by quality education.


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