ProFuturo’s Education Proposal

At ProFuturo we believe in the transforming power of digital education. For this reason, our education proposal relies on technology, which enables us to reach more people in less time, and on innovative teaching-learning experiences, with which we aim to promote the development of 21st Century skills in the classroom and prevent the already existing education gap from worsening.

ProFuturo's Education Proposal

Our triple educational intervention

Our triple educational intervention

At ProFuturo we work with three intervention models to bring quality digital education to the most vulnerable places on the planet. The three models seek to transform the educational experience of teachers and students, and enhance the development of the 21st century skills needed to face the challenges of today’s world. To achieve this, we rely on high quality digital educational resources, innovative teaching-learning methodologies and teacher training as the pillars of education.

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Digital solution

Our digital learning solution includes over 160 teacher training courses in innovation and ICT, active methodologies and digital skills, as well as 1,800 hours of learning content for students. In addition, it allows including local and third-party resources to better adapt the content to the learning context of each country and environment. Enter, and discover our resources!