2024 ProFuturo Race: Run for the benefit of education!


2024 ProFuturo Race: Run for the benefit of education!

Countdown to the 2024 ProFuturo Race, the 5K charity run of the Movistar Madrid Half Marathon.

Next Sunday, 7 April, a new edition of the ProFuturo Race will take place in Madrid. The city will be hosting this sporting event for the eighth consecutive time, one which draws thousands of participants with the aim of mobilising for education

The 5.8 km charity race, considered to be the “little sister” of the Movistar Madrid Half Marathon, is actually much more than a city run, as it is a space for reflection and social awareness, highlighting the importance of bringing quality education to children in all corners of the world, especially those living in vulnerable environments. 

Transforming education is a collective long-distance race. The charity kilometres that are added up become resources that improve the living conditions of many people and go beyond the finish line, as we will be getting closer and closer to the fourth goal of the Agenda for Sustainable Development: ensure inclusive, equitable and quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. 

Everything you need to know

ProFuturo Race

DistanceDate and TimeStart and finish
5.8 km 7 April 2024
Paseo de Recoletos, 12 (Madrid)

Children’s races

Distance Date and TimeStart and finish
From 80 to 600 mFrom 80 to 600 m 
6 April 2024
5 to 6 pm
Avenida Ronda de la Comunicación in Distrito Telefónica (Barrio de Las Tablas). (Madrid)

Pick-up of race bibs

Place Date and TimeRequirements
Runner’s Fair
in Distrito Telefónica.
(avda. Ronda de la Comunicación,
s/n. Services Building,
1st floor. Madrid)
4 April:
1 to 8 pm 

5 – 6 April:
10 am to 8 pm
Proof or copy of registration, or ID card, passport or other official document. 
Authorisation to the person who is going to collect it by presenting a photocopy of the ID of the registered person when collecting the race bib.

Registered to date

1,800 registrations for the main race and 160 for the children’s races. 


The fastest runners will receive trophies.The top three in each category will also be rewarded.In the children’s race, all participants receive a medal.

Take a closer look at the routes of the 2024 ProFuturo Race and the Children’s Races.

Running has proven to be a catalyst for great causes. Thanks to all the runners who take part in these events to make a mark that leaves a mark beyond how they finish. 


Do you want to know more about ProFuturo’s commitment to education?

Further information available at: https://profuturo.education/

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