#ProFuturoRace on esRadio’s Kilómetro 0 programme with Magdalena Brier and Lorenzo Albaladejo


#ProFuturoRace on esRadio’s Kilómetro 0 programme with Magdalena Brier and Lorenzo Albaladejo

Our general manager together with one of our most outstanding athletes talk about how Madrid is getting ready for the Movistar Madrid Half Marathon and the ProFuturo Race in its 23rd and 8th edition respectively.

“Education is the pillar that supports any society. If we talk about education, we are talking about trying to create and to grow. That educational innovation has to be front and centre; that is the purpose of ProFuturo: that educational innovation reaches everyone, and we can tell that story through sport”

Lorenzo Albaladejo Martínez, Paralympic athlete

The city once again becomes the beating heart of a sports event that brings together thousands of people committed to education. More than just a city race, the 5.8 km the ProFuturo Race, known as the “little sister” of the Movistar Madrid Half Marathon, represents a moment of reflection and awareness of the need to bring quality education to all corners of the world, especially to children in vulnerable environments.

In this context, Magdalena Brier, CEO of ProFuturo, and Lorenzo Albaladejo, athlete ambassador and special guest of the race, shared their views in an interview on the Kilómetro 0 programme on esRadio.

Education, at its core, is a collective endeavour to which we can all contribute. In this edition we have more than 1,800 runners who want to contribute their kilometres to this social project, with the hope that we draw a greater number of runners each year, so we can reach more children in need of quality education in different corners of the world.

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