The ABC of digital skills at ProFuturo


The ABC of digital skills at ProFuturo

Everything you need to know about the most important 21st-century skills.

Technology is advancing extremely rapidly in today’s society, but not all areas are moving at the same pace. Digital skills are essential in everyday life, but now, with the development of educational innovation, they’re becoming even more vital, particularly at schools. But what effect do they really have? How do they influence the quality of education? At ProFuturo we break down this ABC to establish common foundations to provide the basics.

What are digital skills?

Digital skills are the set of abilities, knowledges, attitudes and aptitudes required to effectively use digital technologies in different contexts. They range from basic digital literacy (knowing how electronic devices work or how to access the internet and surf the web) to much more advanced skills enabling people to interact, communicate, create, collaborate and resolve problems using digital tools.

What are digital skills for teachers?

They bring together the above definition and the context of teachers, in other words, finding the tools, resources, interfaces and technological, pedagogical and theoretical knowledges in these digital technologies to effectively develop planning and actual classroom practice under the principles of teaching and learning.

It goes far beyond mere instrumental skills, as it isn’t just about reproducing analogue pedagogical practices using digital instruments, it’s about knowing how to integrate technology into teaching practice in an innovative manner. It’s innovative because the hybridisation of pedagogy and technology with the school curriculum requires a “different” outlook in order to break away from the traditional ways of doing things and working, and digital skill frameworks for teachers must therefore be created.

What are digital skill frameworks for teachers?

They’re structures that define the digital skills that teachers should possess in relation to the use of technology in the classroom. They provide a clear and structured reference and, at the same time, serve as a basis for evaluation and feedback with a view to formulating public policies, educational plans and learning activities.

Why are the digital skills of teachers important in vulnerable environments?

The combination of technology and classroom teaching is key to the progress of education systems in vulnerable environments, given that, among other benefits, it facilitates access to education, promotes equal opportunities, encourages the students, helps to develop 21st-century skills, improves educational quality and prepares the students for the current and digital future. In short, it helps to bridge the digital gap and equip the students for the world we live in today.

“Students are more likely to learn with technology than without it, particularly at-risk learners. We know that if students in the Global South can’t use technology as frequently and in similar ways as their peers in wealthy countries, they’ll be left behind in terms of educational and professional opportunities”.

2023 GEM Report

ProFuturo’s digital skills

Our educational programme focuses on enhancing the digital skills of both teachers and children while acknowledging their importance, particularly in vulnerable contexts. We believe that each vulnerable environment has unique conditions and realities, which is why we develop specific digital skill frameworks for teachers that are suited to each context.

Teachers lie at the heart of the educational transformation at ProFuturo. If you’d like to learn more about our digital skill-related resources, we invite you to click here. We also advise you to visit our website to find out more about our activity.

Let’s reinforce these skills together for the sake of the future of education!


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