Computational thinking in vulnerable environments 


Computational thinking in vulnerable environments 

This field not only improves our technical skills, it also makes us more creative, flexible and resilient. Join us to discover how ProFuturo’s methodology is transforming education and the lives of people in vulnerable environments.

There is a skill that is transforming today’s education systems; not only does it allow us to interact with the machines around us and give us better options for socio-occupational insertion, it also develops a series of skills and competencies that are absolutely essential for the 21st century: computational thinking.

What is computational thinking?

It is a problem-solving process that involves breaking down complex tasks into smaller, more manageable steps. The theory rests on four pillars: classification, pattern recognition, abstraction and algorithm design. This methodology allows students to approach problems in a logical and structured way, similar to how a computer would do it.

Computational thinking is not limited to the field of computing; it has an impact that can reach into various aspects of our daily lives. From planning daily activities such as making a recipe to taking informed decisions such as choosing a job, this skill allows us to optimise processes and improve efficiency.

What is it for ProFuturo?

The incorporation of computational thinking into education systems is a growing trend across the globe. From an early age, children are being introduced to basic programming and problem-solving concepts, while young people and adults are learning to apply these principles in various disciplines. 

At ProFuturo, we have redefined computational thinking so it can be aligned with the education sector and especially with intervention in vulnerable environments. We define it as:

“A set of thought processes used to process information, which are necessary in the digital era for problem-solving, applied to various knowledge areas.

To find out more, we recommend this article in the ProFuturo Observatory

It helps to:

  • To empower and provide more appropriate tools to reduce the digital gap.
  • To assist in the transformation and modernisation of educational curricula, explicitly introducing Computational Thinking as an essential element in itself.
  • To promote the progressive and incremental introduction of active methodologies in the classroom.

Beatriz Ríos, expert and coordinator of education at the Fundación Telefónica Movistar Uruguay, affirms: “Computational thinking offers boys and girls in these environments the possibility of expanding their world and its possibilities. They are beginning to see that, little by little, they can do it, they solve problems progressively. And that is extremely valuable because it allows them to realise that they can change their situation and that of their context.”

How do we teach computational thinking in vulnerable environments?

In the programme, we have a School of Computational Thinking and Artificial Intelligence which offers resources for teacher training and classroom experiences. We use tools such as Scratch, AppInventor, Makey-Makey, HTML5, JavaScript, robotics, and much more. Our mission is to equip teachers with creativity, flexibility and resilience in their classrooms.

ProFuturo’s first Spanish-language teaching guide for OctoStudio

Our latest publication is a teaching guide designed to promote computational thinking using OctoStudio, an application developed by the MIT Media Lab’s Lifelong Kindergarten group. This guide provides detailed learning experiences and is free for users. The guide is currently only available in Spanish, but will soon be available in other languages.

We recommend using it in your classroom!

We’d also like you to know that this coming Friday, 7th June, within the framework of the International Telefónica Volunteering Day, ProFuturo will be holding a workshop with the aim of teaching and raising awareness of the importance of developing computational thinking from a holistic stand point, providing the tools to develop it with the participating students.


We remain committed to bringing quality education to every corner of the world, empowering students and teachers with tools that allow them to take their learning into their own hands!


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