ProFuturo’s “Digital Skills Self-Assessment for Teachers” tool continues to be a reference in the education sector


ProFuturo’s “Digital Skills Self-Assessment for Teachers” tool continues to be a reference in the education sector

A free online tool which allows teachers from all over the world to assess their digital skills, analysing their strengths and areas for improvement and guiding them in their training so that they can improve their pedagogical skills.

In modern education, the integration of digital skills is essential for teachers, the drivers of educational transformation, to deliver quality education to children around the world. Aware of this need, ProFuturo presents a tool: the “Digital Skills Self-Assessment for Teachers”.

This platform allows educators to quickly and comprehensively assess their digital competence, identifying areas of strength and opportunities for improvement in pedagogy, digital citizenship, and professional development. This tool makes it easier to understand and adapt to the demands of the digital age and the challenges of the 21st century.

And that’s not all. The tool offers not only information on competence development, but also recommendations and practical resources for improvement in each area. By encouraging self-reflection and targeted training, it empowers teachers to constantly evolve their digital practice.

At the institutional level, the tool provides valuable data on the digital skills of educators, enabling educational organisations to design more effective training programmes. This collective effort aims to positively transform education worldwide.

With this initiative, now available in four languages: Spanish, English, French and Portuguese, ProFuturo reaffirms its commitment to empowering educators as agents of change in the digital age, ensuring quality education for all in the most vulnerable corners of the planet.

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With ProFuturo, preparing for the digital future has never been easier and more accessible for the world’s teachers! 


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