31 March 2020

We continue to bring education closer to millions of people

Our commitment to reduce the education gap through digital education makes more sense than ever today. This is why we put everything into continuing to bring education closer to millions of children so that they can continue to build the future they deserve. Education is a universal right and ProFuturo makes available its comprehensive education programme to teachers, families and students alike, providing them with digital tools to help them all carry on with both teaching and learning activities as much as possible.

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To prevent the spread of the virus and to take care of its citizens’ health, many governments have been forced to close schools and ask their populations to stay home. This affects thousands of teachers and millions of students, and has a special impact on people living at risk, who tend to be those who suffer the most in times of difficulty.

Classroom activity has stopped, but education cannot wait. The future of millions of children depends on it. The school walls have to be broken down and teaching and learning be taken wherever children are.

And this is where technology comes into play. Technology allows physical barriers to be overcome and more people to be reached in less time, and digital education programmes such as ProFuturo offer educational resources and innovative teaching-learning experiences for teachers and students.

ProFuturo wishes to contribute to alleviating some of the consequences that this crisis is having on education, by making its educational content available to teachers and children around the world, whether or not they are part of the programme, something that it will also extend to the families. All you need is an Internet connection and a computer, tablet or mobile phone. The rest is provided by ProFuturo.

On the one hand, ProFuturo will make resources available to teachers so that they can continue training and preparing their classes from home, recommending activities to their students and helping them carry them out. Teachers, as triggers of learning, play a key role in the learning process, which becomes even more relevant wherever the students need more support and guidance from their mentors.

ProFuturo will offer more than 160 courses and 2,800 hours of training in different languages free of charge. The courses seek to promote knowledge of ICT and innovation, and to develop pedagogical and teaching skills, as well as teachers’ digital skills.

Furthermore, to complement children’s learning from home, students will be offered ProFuturo’s innovative educational resources. Through multimedia content and activities, children will be able to work on the basic universal concepts that the first stages of primary school pose, while children between 8 and 12 years old will be able to strengthen specific skills in language, mathematics, science and technology, as well as values ​​and skills for life. The contents, which are in four languages ​​(Spanish, English, French and Portuguese), are designed to provide students with an active role in the learning process so that they can “learn by doing”.

The importance of the families

In addition, to guide students and families in the search for other educational contents offered openly on the Internet, ProFuturo has selected and catalogued 1,662 virtual resources and makes a search engine available through its platform that filters them by subject, age, level of difficulty and activity. The families, who are with the children each day, play a key role in this process. Their children’s education depends on them now more than ever.

Finally, and to help children reinforce mathematics by playing from home, ProFuturo invites them to download a mobile application that will allow them to delve into the order of the Mathemagical Oracle. They will have to fight the characters in this game, testing their ability to generate strategies and manage their magical powers, which they will only develop if they solve maths problems and exercises. Magic and imagination understand no viruses.

Although the schools are closed, ProFuturo continues to work with the same or yet more effort and commitment than ever to bring digital education to all corners of the planet and ensure that no one is left behind.