COPE focuses on ProFuturo and digital education as a tool to narrow the education gap


COPE focuses on ProFuturo and digital education as a tool to narrow the education gap

Magdalena Brier, ProFuturo’s Managing Director, shares how our programme is transforming the lives of millions of children in vulnerable areas in 45 countries. She reveals the achievements and challenges of this initiative in the conversation with COPE.

In a conversation with Ángel Expósito on COPE’s La Linterna programme, Magdalena Brier, ProFuturo’s Managing Director, provided details of the work of our programme, which contributes to narrowing the education gap in the most vulnerable environments in the world. Magdalena recalled the beginnings of ProFuturo, promoted in 2016 by Fundación Telefónica and the “La Caixa” Foundation, and highlighted its work since then to improve educational quality in 45 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia.

Our educational programme has benefited more than 28 million children and trained more than 1.4 million teachers in digital skills throughout its history going back almost seven years. To achieve the educational transformation, ProFuturo relies on technology and innovation as levers for change. The programme is implemented through several intervention models suited to the needs of each school, student, teacher and region: the Comprehensive Digital Education Model, the Model in Humanitarian Contexts and the Open Model.

With regard to the crucial role played by teachers in the process, Magdalena stated: “Teachers are the essential agents of change in achieving the educational transformation. Their participation and career development are critical to the success of the programme”. ProFuturo offers teachers access to courses and different training pathways that enable them to enhance their career development and their digital skills applied to the pedagogical practice.

The interview also addressed the direct impact that ProFuturo has had on communities. ProFuturo constantly assesses the effects of the programme and monitors and analyses the reactions of all its agents and beneficiaries, including the families, a highly important group.

As for the challenges and achievements of the programme, Brier concluded: “ProFuturo contributes to reducing the digital gap and providing equal opportunities for children in rural and urban contexts. We’re proud of the results we’ve obtained and the positive impact on global education that we’re generating”.

You can listen to the full interview here, starting at minute 47:00.

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