2023, more than just a date in education


2023, more than just a date in education

Know why behind number 23 means loads of learning opportunities in our educational programme? Find out how we want the new year to be more than just a date at ProFuturo. Happy 2023!

At ProFuturo, we want to make 2023 more than just a date, let’s make it a year of learning for millions of children around the world. We’ve been working for over six years to ensure that digital education is a driver to transform the lives of students and teachers in vulnerable environments. That’s why, in this new year, we will continue to work to fulfil our mission.

We are ending a year in which we have reached the figure of 27 million child beneficiaries around the world. A figure that translates into a better quality education for children who, thanks to technology and innovation applied in the classroom, can improve their digital skills and have more motivation to go to school.

These are just some of the evident impacts of our educational programme, which we at ProFuturo monitor and evaluate through a system that not only seeks to have a veritable x-ray of its effects, but also influence the decision-making in the continuous improvement of its digital education proposal, which leading international institutions have recognised as one of the best educational innovations. 

With the coming of 2023, at ProFuturo we will unveil our suggestions to promote mathematical literacy, explore the metaverse as an experience to bring our work closer to society, and celebrate our seventh anniversary with the publication of new findings that demonstrate that technology and educational innovation together can achieve the educational transformation that society needs. 

Would you like to join us in 2023?

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