Mathematics for everyone


Mathematics for everyone

ProFuturo is taking part in the International Day of Mathematics under the slogan “Mathematics for everyone”, highlighting the importance of promoting mathematical literacy in the most vulnerable environments.

ProFuturo is taking part in the celebration of the International Day of Mathematics on 14th March, a date proclaimed by UNESCO in 2019 with the aim of generating “greater global awareness and enhancing the teaching of mathematical sciences in order to address challenges in areas such as artificial intelligence, climate change, energy and sustainable development and to improve the quality of life in the developed and developing worlds”.

Promoting mathematical literacy is particularly important and urgent in vulnerable contexts. As a result, in 2023 our digital education programme is taking part in the celebrations of what is also known as Pi Day (14th March) under the slogan “Mathematics for everyone” proposed by the International Mathematical Union (IMU), which advocates the idea that the planet shares a mathematical language, the language of science, and that its development is essential for future generations.

The transformational power of mathematics

We know that mathematical literacy is one of the major challenges facing the educational community. This is why ProFuturo is innovating to provide solutions that can overcome this global challenge. 

Why is mathematics an unresolved issue? How can we address the challenge of outdated methodologies in teaching? How about debunking the myth that mathematics is boring? The community of teaching practice and the teachers in the ProFuturo network around the world share some of their experiences and impressions in this video.

ProFuturo School of Mathematics

We’re taking the opportunity to present our School of Mathematics, a set of digital resources that address the main barriers to mathematics teaching and learning in vulnerable environments in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia.

Through personalised training pathways for basic and primary education teachers and students, the School of Mathematics seeks to transform the experience of teaching and learning mathematics with the support of technology and educational innovation. 

The ProFuturo School of Mathematics is designed to help children, especially in early childhood, to develop a liking for the subject, one which is essential for their academic, professional and personal futures. The mathematics resources that ProFuturo makes available free of charge in four languages (Spanish, English, French and Portuguese) seek to foster the acquisition of mathematical skills to enable children to become constructive, committed and reflective citizens. The experts indicate that work on this skill will enable children to develop their capacity for abstraction, logical reasoning and problem-solving, all basic skills for 21st-century citizens.

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