ProFuturo contributes to the discussion on digital education at the MLW2020


ProFuturo contributes to the discussion on digital education at the MLW2020

From October 12 to 14, international experts are coming together for the online edition of #MLW2020 to discuss lessons learned from the disruption of education during the #COVID19 crisis and the way forward. Magdalena Brier, ProFuturo Managing Director has participated in the plenary session 'Innovative distance learning solutions as common good', where she has explained ProFuturo's response to Covid-19

During her intervention, Magdalena Brier explained how ProFuturo has been improving the opportunities of millions of children in vulnerable environments through quality digital education since 2016 through a digital education framework that is based on training and supporting teachers and on personalising the learning of each student through technology.

Since Telefónica Foundation and “la Caixa” Foundation launched the digital education programme, ProFuturo has already been present in 38 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia, where it has trained over 450,000 teachers and helped improved the education of 11.5 million children.

“The school closure throughout the world as a result of Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of access to digital education”, highlighted Magdalena Brier during her speech at the Mobile Learning Week. “I would like to say that at ProFuturo we strongly believe that the digitalisation of education contributes to narrowing the educational gap in the world and supports country development and social equity”, added.

All the panelist agreed on the idea that digital education is a powerful tool that can tear down geographic and socio-economic barriers and transform the world. “Technology can reach children that would not have access to education otherwise, and tailor teaching to different environments to offer equal learning opportunities to everybody. During the past four years, at ProFuturo we have demonstrated that it is possible to deliver quality education anywhere in the world. Over the past several months, we have used every possible tool to keep on reaching the unconnected, ensuring the continuity of teacher training even in remote areas with no internet connection or access to technological devices. We have produced interactive presentations, podcasts, audio and video lessons for radio and TV broadcasting. We have created whatsapp forums and distributed printed materials door-to-door”, summarized ProFuturo Managing Director.

The COVID crisis has made even more evident the existing digital divide that has left behind, once again, the most vulnerable population. “We already knew about the need for a change in education, that was the reason why ProFuturo was established. What we see now is that the current situation is forcing us to do this transformation faster and in a more coordinated way. Before the COVID-19, the situation we were facing in education was already critical. The message that the UN was sending was clear: we were going too slow to reach the SDG4. According to UN data, the pandemic has worsened the situation: with 90% of students out of the schools around the world, and 500 million students with no access to remote learning, the need for intervention is urgent”, emphasized Magdalena Brier during her intervention on Tuesday’s session.

The positive side of the crisis

On the other hand, Magdalena Brier agreed that during this crisis, that lasts already for 7 months, we have also seen how partnerships and coordination worked effectively.  “There is a positive side; we were invited to join the UNESCO Global Education Coalition which has been an example of cooperation. This type of coordination should not end. We are closer now. We are sharing views and objectives. Let’s keep on working together”, suggested.

“But numbers are showing that we are running against the clock. What we call today a challenge it can easily become a crisis or even worse, a no return situation in just a few months, for many children in vulnerable situations”, warned Magdalena Brier.

ProFuturo Managing Director finished her speech by encouraging governments and other public and private institutions and donors to join ProFuturo in “our effort to bring quality education to every corner of the world. We have the tools and the knowledge to turn this situation around. But we can’t do it alone. We have to do it together, with you and with others”, she said.


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