ProFuturo joins International Telefónica Volunteer Day


ProFuturo joins International Telefónica Volunteer Day

Our digital education programme was present once again this year at the International Telefónica Volunteering Day through a workshop on Computational Thinking for children from 6 to 13 years old from Aldeas Infantiles.

On the 1st of July, Telefónica celebrated its International Volunteer Day with over 29,000 volunteers in 30 countries. ProFuturo played an active role in the day by organising a workshop for children aged 6 to 13 from Aldeas Infantiles

Get fit with Computational Thinking” was the title chosen for the meeting that brought together the youngest children, their teachers and the participating volunteers. The aim of the workshop was to carry out a learning experience to highlight the importance of Computational Thinking and thus foster technology vocations among children.

Volunteers: an essential role

Once again this year, the International Telefónica Volunteers Day was held to highlight the enormous work and commitment that volunteers carry out throughout the year. In total, over 59,000 volunteers reached 1.5 million vulnerable people during 2021.

During the day, over 29,000 volunteers participated in the 700 in-person and online charity initiatives that were organised simultaneously in 30 countries. In addition, anyone could join the charity cause by participating in the technological platforms for volunteering.

In this way, thousands of Telefónica volunteers gathered in Madrid’s Telefónica District to carry out different charity activities focused on digitalisation, inclusion and covering basic needs. 

In addition to offering our educational programme with the Computational Thinking workshop with children, the programming hackathons with people from Ukraine, the innovation sessions with social entities to promote their digital transformation, and the sports activities for social inclusion with vulnerable groups were notable.

Those who could not participate in person had the opportunity to join the day online through charity activities: training and environmental awareness sessions, music therapy with people with disabilities, online mentoring for young people at risk of exclusion, help for Ukrainian people to enter the labour market, training for the elderly in digital skills, and talks on awareness and prevention of skin cancer.

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