ProFuturo joins GPE on the global #RaiseYourHand campaign


ProFuturo joins GPE on the global #RaiseYourHand campaign

At times like this, in the current pandemic, education is one of the sectors that has been jeopardised the most and whose balanced has been threatened the most. It’s time to join forces and raise our hands for education. That’s why ProFuturo wanted to join the global #RaiseYourHand campaign launched by the Global Partnership For Education (GPE) and the Global Campaign for Education and why it will participate on 6 November in launching the campaign in Spain, together with Olympic swimmer Teresa Perales.

The event – online and free – took place from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. (CET) on Friday, the 6th of November. It was moderated by the journalist, Alejandro Agudo, and represented the launch of the #RaiseYourHand campaign in Spain.

The objective was to generate public support in our country and raise awareness about the importance of continuing to invest in global education, especially considering the negative impact that COVID-19 has had throughout the world. The event, in which Olympic swimmer and champion Teresa Perales participated together with other national and international experts and leaders, also served as a forum for debate about the worldwide efforts made in the field of global education.

This last October, GPE launched its ambitious financing campaign, #RaiseYourHand, which will culminate in an international conference in mid-2021. The objective of the campaign, which has been joined by the Telefónica Foundation and ProFuturo, among other institutions, is to raise funds to allow 175 million children to continue learning and to ensure that another 46 million children can enrol in school and complete their quality education in the upcoming five years.

The GPE supports over 70 developing countries to ensure that every child receives quality basic education, while prioritising the poorest, the most vulnerable and those who live in countries that are fragile and affected by conflict. Since 2003, it has allocated 5.3 billion dollars in grants to developing countries. The majority of the financing is awarded directly to governments, and a small percentage is dedicated to two new and innovative financing mechanisms for supporting global public assets.

The event could be followed on the social networks of ProFuturo, Telefónica Foundation and “la Caixa” Foundation. Registration was free.

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