The ProFuturo Newsletter arrives


The ProFuturo Newsletter arrives

This June we’re launching the ProFuturo Newsletter, a space where you can keep up with everything that concerns our educational project. If you’d like to receive your first ProFuturo newsletter at the end of the month, please subscribe via our website

Would you like to find out what ProFuturo has prepared for you every month? Do you want to keep up with the latest news in education? And receive the latest meetings and webinars with experts in digital education? Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to get all the latest programme updates, transformational stories, events and educational experiences from our Observatory.

At the end of the month you’ll receive our Newsletter with the following contents in your inbox:

  • Latest news: We know that you’re aware of all our latest news, but this space will help you not to miss out on any ProFuturo events, partnerships or initiatives in more countries.
  • Educational news: We’ll take this opportunity to tell you about the latest news from our #ProFuturoObservatory, the space where we share educational trends and promote discussion and reflection on the current state of digital education in the world.
  • Webinars and meetings: Haven’t you seen our event to celebrate Africa Day yet? Or the meeting between Fernando Reimers and Magdalena Brier? Don’t worry, we’ll also let you know about the monthly webinars, meetings and talks. 
  • Transformational stories: At ProFuturo we also tell real stories through the eyes of children and teachers from around the world. Their dreams have become our dreams. This is why this space is dedicated to telling our most inspiring stories, our #ProFuturoStories.
  • And much, much more!: In the Newsletter you’ll also be able to access our best #ProFuturoResources of the month, didactic materials with which you can go on teaching and learning. 

Are you sure now? Do you want to join our community and form part of the ProFuturo world? Subscribe now to the ProFuturo Newsletter and receive your first issue at the end of the month!

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