An international day for protecting education from attack


An international day for protecting education from attack

ProFuturo has joined the first international day for protecting education from attack, held on 9 September with the aim of raising awareness on the importance of education as a driving force for change in all societies and of the need to protect it from attack of any kind. Institutions such as UNESCO, UNICEF, Education Above All and the Qatar Fund For Development have joined forces to launch a warning message about the risks facing education in times of conflict or crisis in many countries of the world, which foments social inequality and the education gap.

#ProtectEducationFromAttack and #UniteToProtect are the hashtags with which this campaign can be followed in the social networks. For ProFuturo, education is the most powerful tool for transforming societies. As a result of this belief and the commitment to narrow the education gap in vulnerable environments in 38 countries, ProFuturo has joined with various international institutions with the aim of making 9 September a day for reflection and change.


This international day comes at a time when the world is facing an unprecedented global health situation, due to COVID-19. In addition, armed conflicts, forced displacement, disasters caused by climate change and prolonged crises have conditioned and altered the education of 75 million children throughout the world, a figure that is unfortunately growing.


High-level experts in education and humanitarian development will discuss the need for an alliance that protects a universal right such as education. The communities affected by conflict are those most vulnerable and their access to education is limited, and in many regions of the world, girls have no schooling or are forced to leave school to work at home or to be married.

A worldwide priority

The reinforced protection of education must continue to be a priority for all governments and institutions, which is why #ProtectEducationFromAttack is intended to help to speed up this commitment at a time of global pandemic such as we are living through at the present time.


Despite the progress of recent decades, in the last five years there have been over 11,000 attacks on education, which is why countries and institutions have to unite to protect children from these crimes and provide them with the future they deserve. Each international community is responsible for assuring and prioritising the protection of the right to education, particularly in situations of conflict and instability.



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