The 7th ProFuturo Race and the #RunnersConCausa initiative are back!


The 7th ProFuturo Race and the #RunnersConCausa initiative are back!

On 26th March, we’ll all be back on the streets of Madrid to accumulate more and more kilometres to assist education in our annual #CarreraProFuturo. We’ll also be holding our #RunnersConCausa event, with talks on running and solidarity with athlete Chema Martínez.

The #CarreraProFuturo will return to the streets of Madrid on Sunday 26th March as part of the Movistar Madrid Half Marathon. We’ve all been accumulating kilometres to assist education for seven years on a very special date for our education programme. Improving education is, in fact, a shared task involving many people. The more of us there are, the sooner we’ll reach the finishing line.

Solidarity is one of the major factors that encourage someone to put on their running shoes and go for a run. If running is a source of personal satisfaction in itself, driving us to bring out the very best of ourselves, charitable running is the same thing taken to the highest power.

#RunnersConCausa is back!

“We believe that running is a really powerful tool in raising awareness and involving more people in our cause, namely improving the educational quality of millions of children”, declared ProFuturo CEO Magdalena Brier. This is why our digital education programme, in partnership with Chema Martínez, will once again hold #RunnersConCausa, consisting of conversations with special guests to generate a collective reflection on the connection between running and solidarity.

The first guest in the framework of the VII #CarreraProFuturo was Lorenzo Albaladejo. Paralympic athlete Lorenzo Albadalejo spoke to us about his personal life story and the possibilities of promoting values through sport. His motto: “Running after a dream”.

Actor, presenter and writer Mago More is convinced: sport is one of the most important habits when it comes to improving our lives. At the event, he revealed some of his tips for starting to run and take part in charity races.

Paralympic triathlete Jota García explained how sport has become his life’s driving force through his story of self-improvement.

Journalist and sports presenter Álvaro de la Lama recounted his experience of running his first marathon and discussed the values and positive impact of charity races.

The pastry chef Alma Obregón talked about her evolution in the running world and the importance of jointly accumulating kilometres in charity races.

The athlete Aarui Bokesa spoke about the power of sport as a tool for social transformation and her personal project in which she works with disadvantaged children.

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