Enjoy the 7th #CarreraProFuturo again


Enjoy the 7th #CarreraProFuturo again

The #CarreraProFuturo returned to the streets of Madrid on 26 March. More than 1,400 people took part during a morning featuring running and charitable work. In total, more than €19,000 was raised for our educational programme.

The 7th #CarreraProFuturo brought together more than 1,400 participants on Sunday 26 March in the streets of central Madrid. In total, more than €19,000 was raised for our digital educational programme.

The winners of this year’s race were Hicham Sigueni (17:16) in the men’s category and Cristina Polanco (21:53) in the women’s category. Finlay Todd (17:47) and Sergio Salinero (17:55) came second and third in the men’s category, as did Marta Fernández (22:34) and Fernanda Real (23:03) in the women’s category.

Presence of our #RunnersConCausa

Our annual gathering to accumulate kilometres in aid of education was attended by some of this year’s guests at #RunnersConCausa, our talks on running and solidarity chaired by athlete Chema Martínez, who also joined us on this special day for our educational programme.

Paralympic athlete Lorenzo Albaladejo returned to sport after two years’ recovery with our 5.8 kilometres of solidarity. This week he outlined his maxim and the driving force in his life: “fight and don’t give up”. With this first ProFuturo bib, Lorenzo has left us with a new milestone in his history of resilience.

Other #RunnersConCausa like Mago More and athletes like Abel Antón also joined the race, leaving us unforgettable moments that will soon be available on the #CarreraProFuturo 2023 page.

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