Charo Fernández

Charo Fernández has dedicated her entire professional life to education. Trained as a computer engineer, her career took an unexpected turn that led her to become a teacher.

Charo Fernández

A Serendipitous Vocation

Charo’s beginnings in education arose fortuitously when a chance meeting with a former Salesian teacher opened the doors to the world of teaching. What began as a temporary solution turned into her true vocation.

For thirty years, Charo taught at the Salesianos Atocha Institute in Madrid. Her main subjects were Information Technology and Electrotechnics, although she has also taught in primary, secondary, and vocational training. Her approach was not limited to teaching students; she also excelled in training her fellow teachers. Her solid technical background combined with continuous pedagogical training made her an exceptional trainer.

The advent of new technologies and the urgent need for teachers to acquire digital competencies, coupled with her restless nature, positioned her as a natural leader in the field of teacher training. Charo organises courses, shares her knowledge, and fosters collaboration among teachers, not only in her school but also nationally and internationally. Through projects with Fundación Telefónica and competitions like Educared, this teacher has connected classrooms from different countries, enriching the educational experience of her students and colleagues.

Charo Fernández has also been a key figure in creating teacher networks and associations like Aulablog, where she works to promote continuous training among teachers. From teaching how to use a blog to connecting teachers with online resources, her work has been fundamental to integrating technology into education.

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