Juanmi Muñoz

Fascinated by the world of technology since childhood, Juanmi Muñoz has combined his experience in pedagogy and computer science to lead various educational innovation projects.

Juanmi Muñoz

A Pioneer in Educational and Technological Innovation

His father had an appliance store, and he grew up surrounded by radios, televisions, and antennas. Perhaps that’s why Juanmi Muñoz developed an early fascination with technology. In the 80s, while he was a teacher at his old school, he attended one of the first computer courses offered at the time in Zaragoza. It was about Basic. He found it very interesting and saw great potential for education. Since then, his interest in the world of educational technology has only continued to grow.

Juanmi Muñoz began his career in education in public schools during the EGB era. His professional journey continued within teaching at public educational centers and private institutions, with a period where he ventured into the business world, working on projects related to educational computing. Over time, he returned to the educational field, bringing with him valuable experience in computing and digital technology.

He has been the president of the Asociación Espiral, Educación y Tecnología, and is currently the co-director of the Observatorio de Innovación Educativa y Cultura Digital of the same association, where he organizes meetings, conferences, and activities focused on educational innovation through technology. For the last 15 years of his career, he worked in public administration, both in the Generalitat and in the Consorcio de Educación de Barcelona, where he specialized in educational evaluation. His approach has been centered on integrating formative and instructional assessment into teaching and learning processes, with and without technology.

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