Till Jaspert

When Till Jaspert saw for himself the need for change in the education system, he decided to put his expertise in innovation at the service of schools.

Till Jaspert

An innovation expert in the service of education

Life often takes you on a detour until you find your vocation. Till Jaspert did not come to the world of education by the classical route. He is not a pedagogue, nor was he trained as a teacher. He was drawn to the world of innovation in business and organisations. For many years, Till was involved in helping organisations of various kinds to implement innovation processes with human-centred design methodologies.

However, when he started a family and began to see in his own children the limitations of traditional schooling, he became interested in the world of education as well. And what she saw was a great need for change. It was then that, in a very active way, she began to ask herself what she could do. How to contribute his experience, his knowledge of innovation processes and change management. That is how, together with other people, they decided to create Innovation Hub School to apply these processes to the world of education. From there, they help schools to undertake processes of innovation and change.

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