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    There are 14 questions in this survey.

    1. Who is acting as data controller with respect to your personal data?

    Fundación ProFuturo holder of Company Tax Number G-87620134, entered on the Registry of Foundations under the competency of the state under No. 1.856 (hereinafter, “ProFuturo”).

    Postal address: Gran Vía 28, Madrid 28013 (Spain)

    Privacy Team Contact: protecciondedatos@fundacionprofuturo.orgprotecciondedatos@fundacionprofuturo.org

    2. Why does the data controller process your personal data and what is its legitimate interest in doing so?

    Your data will be processed by ProFuturo to:

    a) Manage the contact form on ProFuturo websites.

    When you choose to use and enter your data in the "contact form" of our web pages, ProFuturo may process your data in order to manage the reported incidents and thus be able to respond to the requests sent.

    b) Control and manage training courses.

    When you attend and participate in training courses, ProFuturo can process your data to carry out the requisite formalities to do the courses and to control attendance.

    c) Use of photos.

    As long as you have given your consent, ProFuturo can process your personal data and, specifically, your photos, to use and publish them in books, magazines, newsletters and websites, etc.

    d) Send commercial messages about ProFuturo projects and services.

    As long as you have given your consent, ProFuturo can send you commercial messages about projects, offers and services that meet your ProFuturo interests over any IT medium.

    e) Manage donations.

    ProFuturo will process your data if you have made a donation through the channels put in place by ProFuturo to manage the donation and donation certificates for tax deduction purposes, where appropriate. Moreover, ProFuturo hereby informs you of its legal obligation to communicate your data to the Tax Agency to report and declare any donation made.

    f) Anonymise data for statistical purposes and to create behaviour models.

    ProFuturo may conduct anonymisation processes after which it will not be able to identify you. These procedures simply aim to use the anonymised information for statistical purposes and to create behaviour models based on its legitimate interest.

    g) Manage the ProFuturo Observatory.

    When you enter your data and make comments on the ProFuturo Observatory website, ProFuturo will process your data to properly manage website utilities.

    h) Send the satisfaction survey.

    Based on the legitimate interest of the company, ProFuturo can send you satisfaction surveys to learn about your experience as a training course participant or user of our services, and to be able to incorporate improvements to our services and operations based on an analysis of the same. In any case, so as not to infringe upon your rights to data protection, you can object to any such processing through the channels put in place to this end.

    i) Regulatory compliance.

    Comply with applicable regulations, uses and good practices, provide information to the pertinent authorities to prevent fraud, reduce credit risk, cooperate with the police and other government authorities and to protect the rights, property and security of website visitors and the public in general.

    3. How long will we store your data?

    ProFuturo must comply with current legislation as regards its obligation to erase personal information that is no longer needed for the purpose or purposes for which it was collected, blocking the same so as to be able to respond to any possible liabilities arising from the processing of data, and solely for the duration of the limitation periods for any such liabilities. After the aforementioned limitation periods have elapsed the information in question shall be erased by secure methods.

    4. To whom will your data be communicated?

    ProFuturo will communicate your data to the following recipients to have them processed for the purposes explained above:

    - Public Administration Bodies when legally bound to do so;

    - Collaborating entities that have been informed (e.g. Caixabank).

    Moreover, ProFuturo may collaborate with third-party services providers for the purposes described above as a consequence of which these may access your data to provide the service under contract. In any case, ProFuturo uses certain criteria to select the aforementioned third parties to ensure compliance with its data protection obligations and signs the corresponding data protection agreements with them that obliges them to meet its data protection obligations and, specifically, to comply with the legal, technical and organisational measures when processing personal data for the purposes agreed and to prohibit the processing of the said personal data for other purposes or their transfer to third parties.

    5. What rights do you have when you provide us with your personal data?

    - You have the right to obtain confirmation as to whether or not ProFuturo is processing your personal data and, if so, to access them, request their rectification when inaccurate or, where appropriate, their erasure when, among other reasons, they are no longer necessary for the purpose for which they were collected.

    - Under certain circumstances, you can request that a limitation be put on the processing of your data, in which case they will only be stored to file or defend against legal claims.

    - You can request the portability of your data for them to be directly sent to a designated entity in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format.

    - The aforementioned rights can be exercised with respect to ProFuturo at the following e-mail address: protecciondedatos@fundacionprofuturo.org

    Moreover, should you consider it necessary, you can also address any complaints to the Spanish Data Protection Agency at the following address: Agencia Española de Protección de Datos, C/ Jorge Juan, número 6.

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