5 #ProFuturoStories to read this summer


5 #ProFuturoStories to read this summer

Don’t you know the life stories of George, Adriana or Jean Marie? This July we invite you to delve into our #ProFuturoStories and draw closer to the reality that ProFuturo teachers and children experience in different parts of the world

Summer may be the best time for switching off and relaxing, but what if you did so with a good story in your hands? At ProFuturo we want to display the reality experienced by the people who make our programme possible each day. If you want to find out what daily life is like for the teachers and children in schools around the world, dive into these five #ProFuturoStories!

  1. George’s story: George is a ProFuturo educational coach in Beirut, Lebanon. Working with refugee children and seeing how they evolve and have a new opportunity to receive an education is the driving force to keep fighting to enable them to thrive, despite the wars in their home countries.
  2. Adriana’s story: This educational coach from Acajutla in El Salvador is sure that technology is key to enabling teachers to adapt their methods to the 21st century. In Adriana’s opinion, bridging the digital and educational divide has become her main mission so as to leave no child without learning during COVID-19.
  3. Nicole’s story Nicole is a primary school student from Manila in the Philippines. She loves studying and her teachers encourage her to keep developing all the potential she has inside her. She already knows what she’s going to be when she grows up: a flight attendant. Nicole dreams of planes, flying high and achieving everything she sets out to do. 
  4. Jean Marie’s story: Jean Marie works as an educational coach at the primary school of the Nkombo Foundation in Nkombo, Rwanda. His passion for teaching has made him a hero. After crossing Lake Kivu and a 3-hour journey, Jean Marie arrives at his school.
  5. Joanne’s story: At the Talipanan Mangyan school in the Philippines, Joanne has succeeded in integrating the whole community through the local tradition of artisan fabrics. This educational coach suggested to the mothers of the children at the school that they should start weaving protective sleeves for the ProFuturo tablets that their children learn with. The CARE project is currently a success and the mothers, children and, above all, Joanne are proud of the results of this teamwork. 

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