We continue to expand our Teacher Professional Development project in Africa


We continue to expand our Teacher Professional Development project in Africa

In our third year of collaboration with Empieza Por Educar, the Teacher Professional Development project in Africa will be implemented in 5 countries and will benefit almost 12,000 new teachers.

For the third consecutive year, ProFuturo and Empieza Por Educar, together with the international network Teach For All, have extended our collaboration agreement to implement a Teacher Professional Development project in Africa. The initiative, which started in 2020, has already trained 28,156 teachers from 7 countries on the African continent: Kenya, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Tanzania and Liberia.

By 2022, our goal is to train 11,813 new teachers in the 5 countries where we continue to work together with Empieza Por Educar and local member organisations of the international Teach For All network in Kenya, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Nigeria.

What is the Teacher Professional Development project?

At ProFuturo, we know that the teacher is the cornerstone and the driving force for change to ensure quality education. We believe in the transformative power of education where the work of teachers is a key pillar. 

In 2020, the Teacher Professional Development project between ProFuturo and Empieza Por Educar was set up with a common goal: to turn teachers into agents of change in their educational communities thanks to technology and digital education.

In this video we explain in more detail what the project consists of:

The international Teach For All network, through its local organisations, started to select potential teachers from different schools who could fit in with the project’s methodology. Over the past two years, the initiative has trained more than 28,000 teachers in teaching and pedagogical skills, social leadership and digital skills.

Despite a gradual return to normality in classrooms, in 2021 the project still faced the challenge of reaching teachers in countries where schools were closed or did not have a normal school year due to COVID. Despite this, the Teach for All fellows have managed to achieve the goals set, offering quality training to a very large number of teachers.

According to the results report prepared in 2021 and, through a satisfaction survey carried out in the 5 countries where the project is being developed, we have been able to confirm the transformation of the teachers trained through the project. The data demonstrates the positive impact the project is having in the various African countries and the great acceptance of the project by local teachers. More than 94% of the respondents felt that participation in the training opportunities is helping them to develop different skills and knowledge to improve their work as a teacher. In addition, more than 98% responded with interest to the possibility of continuing their teacher training and digital training with ProFuturo.

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