Continuing our commitment to education in emergency contexts in Jordan


Continuing our commitment to education in emergency contexts in Jordan

Mensajeros de la Paz and ProFuturo renew their agreement to bring quality digital education to children and teachers at a school in Amman, Jordan. The new project will benefit 320 students and 20 primary school teachers.

We have renewed our partnership agreement with Mensajeros de la Paz to expand the educational project that will benefit a primary school in Amman attended by 320 students and 20 Iraqi teachers who are refugees in Jordan.  

The project seeks to integrate educational innovation in the classroom, thus contributing to improving quality and transforming the learning experience of students. The school has received technological equipment and teacher training in digital skills, through which the children will be able to continue learning basic subjects such as language and mathematics and develop the 21st century skills needed to face the challenges of the digital era. 

Adding beneficiaries 

With the renewal of the agreement, Mensajeros de la Paz and ProFuturo will have benefited two schools (in formal and non-formal education), 201 students and 54 teachers since 2020, the year in which they started collaborating and in which they implemented the programme in the school located in the Marka neighbourhood, in the Jordanian capital. 

In 2021, the project was expanded, benefiting not only Iraqi students in non-formal education, but also Jordanian children in formal school and Syrian pre-school children through the use of Antura and the Letters, an educational video game designed to teach Arabic. At the same time, distance teacher training was promoted: 35 teachers were trained in innovation and in the use of the ProFuturo digital platform; 9 in the use of Antura and the Letters; and 10 in Let’s innovate, a training project that seeks to motivate teachers to introduce technology and innovative methodologies in the classroom. 

At the signing ceremony, ProFuturo also formalised the donation to Mensajeros de la Paz of the amount received for the WISE Award for educational innovation that it received in 2021, which will go to the new project. “We have always believed that this is an award shared with each and every one of our partners. We also see it as an opportunity to continue to grow and to bring quality digital education further afield and to more beneficiaries. In this way, we are giving that recognition back to the real protagonists: children in vulnerable areas who deserve to grow and develop with equal opportunities,” said Magdalena Brier, the CEO of ProFuturo.

The transformational power of e-ducation

For Laila, a 12-year-old student, ProFuturo is her first introduction to the digital world. Until now she had not used the internet or digital devices. “I really like learning and practising with the tablet, it’s easy and a lot of fun,” she says. 

Ayat is the local coordinator, in charge of preparing and guiding teachers in the use of the digital platform: “We train them about ProFuturo in general, about the digital solution and its activities, but we also show them why it is important for our schools. In addition, we help them prepare their classes and train them in classroom management, teacher welfare guidelines and how to deal with students and technology.”

Samir is one of them. He studied physics in Iraq, but now he works as a computer teacher. “What I value the most about this educational methodology is that it does not force students to learn, they learn by enjoying the experience. They keep asking when it’s their turn in the digital classroom,” he says.

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