ProFuturo in renowned international publications


ProFuturo in renowned international publications

Our work to ensure educational continuity during COVID-19 is reflected in numerous international flagship publications. Would you like to know more about some of our interventions in the educational sector? Read on!

The contingency plan implemented by ProFuturo during the pandemic was regarded as an example for the educational sector by various international institutions and organisations, including the OECD and Harvard University. Here are some of our interventions in international flagship publications:

  • Leading educational changes during a pandemic: ProFuturo Director General Magdalena Brier wrote a chapter for the book titled Leading Education through COVID-19, written by the director of the Global Education Innovation Initiative at Harvard University: Fernando M. Reimers. The book compiles the experiences of 28 leaders of innovative education organisations from around the world during the pandemic.
  • Beyond the classroom walls: An opportunity for an inclusive digitalisation of education: The OECD published a series of articles on its website in which experts and opinion leaders from all parts of the world and society reflected on the educational challenges stemming from the COVID-19 crisis and proposed solutions for the future. In one of the articles, ProFuturo’s Director General presented the work the organisation carried out during the pandemic.
  • Spain: #SeeYouInDigital (Ensuring the continuity of learning): The OECD, the World Bank, HundrED and the Harvard Global Education Innovation Initiative launched the “Continuity stories” initiative to compile stories from around the world regarding the solutions put in place by educational systems and how they adapted to the different needs of students and teachers during the coronavirus crisis. Under this umbrella, they documented and published ProFuturo’s “#SeeYouInDigital” contingency plan as an example of a response to the crisis in education generated by COVID-19.




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