The Philippines and the motivation use digital education in teaching


The Philippines and the motivation use digital education in teaching

The Philippines is going through a time of educational transformation (it was one of the last countries to reopen their schools after the COVID-19 pandemic) and ProFuturo is making an impact on the education community involved with the programme. Read on to discover some of their testimonies in this video

It took the Philippines almost two and a half years to reopen their schools after the COVID-19 crisis. Now, it is experiencing a moment of educational transformation where, thanks to the help of our educational programme, we are making our mark on the country’s education community.

ProFuturo, which has been operating in the South Asian country since 2017, has played a key role in distance learning and is becoming a highly valued support to the education community in the post-pandemic era in the Philippines, where we work hand in hand with the Ayala Foundation and World Vision.

In February 2022, after almost two years of waiting due to pandemic restrictions, 100 technological equipment kits were delivered to the expansion schools of the collaborative project with the Ayala Foundation. In addition, the ProFuturo team was finally able to travel to the field in 2023 to follow up on the programme and meet with the local education community that benefits from it.

School principals, coaches and teachers in the programme, which is implemented in different regions in collaboration with the Ayala Foundation and World Vision Philippines, tell us their impressions in this video. Are you in?

The transformational power of e-ducation in the Philippines

The Ayala Foundation, through which ProFuturo is implemented in 126 schools, has carried out a SROI (Social Return on Investment) study focusing on the analysis of the pilot schools that started the programme in this country.

Among the findings is the influence of ProFuturo on motivation to learn and teach: 92% of students report having a more positive outlook on life and say they experience increased opportunities for the future. More than 90% of the teachers surveyed express increased satisfaction in teaching, thanks to the self-confidence that the programme training has given them.

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