Lara Crespo

Combining a Love for Science with a Passion for Education

Lara Crespo

Lara Crespo, a scientist, researcher, teacher, and trainer, applies her knowledge of the scientific method to education to advocate for evidence-based education.

Lara Crespo’s professional journey began in the field of biology, far from classrooms, in a laboratory. After earning her PhD in biomedicine, Lara developed several experimental research projects.

However, upon completing her doctorate, she realised that the solitude of the laboratory was not her path. The opportunity to work as a teacher in highly complex and socially vulnerable environments arose, and her strong sense of social justice, rooted in her family, motivated her to make the leap into the field of education.

Lara worked as a Mathematics teacher and later on various educational projects. Her collaboration with ProFuturo, in the training and education team, marked her first forays into digital education. During this time, she learned about the importance of context in education, a topic that remains central to her work.

For years, Lara has been dedicated to managing educational projects and teacher training, supporting educational centres in their transformations, and continuously researching and learning. Because, although she was a scientist in another life, that essence is never lost, and she continues to apply her investigative spirit to the continuous improvement of education.

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