Evidence-Based Education: How to Bring It into the Classroom

Would you let your children take a medicine whose effects have not been tested by several scientific studies? Then why don’t we demand the same from teaching methods? What is evidence-based education? Are we using it enough in education? We ask all these questions to Lara Crespo, a teacher "who has never stopped being a researcher." Don’t miss the video with the interview.

Evidence-Based Education: How to Bring It into the Classroom

Educación basada en evidenciasEducational innovations are very common these days: flipped classroom, gamification, virtual reality, project-based learning… How can we know if the methods being applied in the classroom work? Is teaching currently a research-based profession? How can teachers make informed decisions based on scientific evidence? What challenges do they face?

Lara Crespo, scientist, teacher, researcher, and trainer, has extensive experience in the field of evidence-informed education. At the Observatory, we wanted to share this experience with our audience, and that’s why we bring you this interview.

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