Transforming the world is possible, but it is necessary to work in partnership with other organizations to ensure the sustainability over time and the scalability of the Program. Therefore, ProFuturo’s sustainability model is based on a solid ecosystem of public-private associations that ensure the effective running of our action and the digital education solution in the long term.

For this reason, the search for global allies that have a local presence and recognition is essential to achieve scalability and efficiency in our processes, as is collaboration with local governments. We seek for strong coalitions in which every partner plays a specific role:


As guarantors of education at national level and key partners in issues such as teacher’s certification or digital resources and education methodologies validation. In some regions, ProFuturo has already signed agreements with Governments to adapt its content proposal in line with the aims of the national curricula, and thus obtain their validation and certification.

The following concrete roles are proposed for Government institutions in a potential partnership:

  • Project Sponsor and overall Project Director
  • Academia and local education expertise: approval and certification of content; teacher training; hiring coaches, etc.
  • Local technology partner: ICT Coordination (including existing equipment, connectivity, cloud, etc.)
  • Implementation partner (throughout public schools).
  • Logistic coordination with schools.

-Educational institutions and Universities

That are national reference in education and will provide pedagogical support. These are key institutions in matters related to matching contents with the local curricula and supporting the identification of educational innovations. They can contribute as well with the process of measuring the initiative’s results and impact.

The roles of academia and local education specialists and institutions would be the following:

  • Establish local training networks, organize and execute the local trainings
  • Provide support (a call center) in the first phases of the implementation
  • Define teachers’ certification
  • Contribute with local knowledge and new teaching-learning methodologies to enrich the education solution

-Implementation partners

Collaborators on the field who have ample experience working in each country. These partners may be NGOs, associations or other local institutions, some with an international footprint and some others focused on a local operation. ProFuturo works already with renown organizations such as World Vision, Save the Children or Entreculturas.

Their main role would be helping in the implementation of the project in the schools following the phases and roles defined. ProFuturo is currently working with:

Agencia Española de Protección de Datos

Save the children

World Vision



Fundación EntreCulturas

-Technology Partners

That incorporate their capacity and technological innovations into the model and help us identify the latest applications, devices, etc. as well as deployment solutions such as solar panels, connectivity access and others.

Their specific roles would be:

  • Advice on the most suitable device for each grade and subject
  • Providing innovative digital education tools, apps and devices (as co-financers)

-Organizations or Institutions executing other social or socio-educational programs

Partners that already work in the field giving social or socio-educational support through their own programs and that are complementary to what ProFuturo offers. The aim of this type of alliance is to build a holistic approach with a greater impact, joining efforts of similar initiatives.

Their main role would be to contribute with their local experience to define a holistic approach to achieve a model that goes beyond the educational intervention and is also significant for the development of the communities where ProFuturo is working (including for example nutrition or health issues).