ProFuturo joins International Day for Universal Access to Information: digital education, education gap and the role of artificial intelligence


ProFuturo joins International Day for Universal Access to Information: digital education, education gap and the role of artificial intelligence

On the International Day for Universal Access to Information, we recall our mission at ProFuturo for a world with quality digital education where everyone has equal opportunities.

Today, 28 September, marks the International Day for Universal Access to Information, promoted by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). This date highlights the importance of ensuring that all people have equal access to information, especially in an increasingly digitalised world. On this occasion, the day focuses on key issues related to digital education, the digital gap and the growing role of artificial intelligence (AI) in e-governance.

In an increasingly globalised world, universal access to information means that everyone has the right to seek, receive and disseminate information. This right is an integral part of the right to freedom of expression. In addition, being well-informed allows for people’s empowerment, informed decision-making and stronger citizen participation.

Access to information

The digital gap remains a significant challenge, as not all people have equal access to technology and information. At ProFuturo, the digital education program led by the Telefónica Foundation and the “la Caixa” Foundation, we work to narrow the education and digital gap for millions of children who live in vulnerable environments in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia. 

With our resources and methodology, we promote the development of digital skills to ensure that all children have equal opportunities, regardless of where they are born. We work with teachers, students and school principals, transforming realities through information, education and technology.

ProFuturo Projects

  • Education in emergencies: our commitment to refugees: We adapted our Digital Education Framework for refugee children in a number of countries, working on education in emergencies and providing access to comprehensive quality education.
  • #hack4edu: We organised the first virtual hackathon dedicated to digital education, now in its fourth edition, which continues to promote the resolution of technological challenges in education and encourage innovation.
  • Computational thinking: We empower computational thinking in vulnerable schools, helping to develop digital skills and computational thinking among students.
  • Living Lab: We test and adapt our Digital Education Framework in real educational environments before we deploy it, ensuring the effectiveness of our solutions.

Access to information is a vital component of digital education. We want children in vulnerable contexts to be better prepared, with quality digital education, to build realities, transform communities and reflect on their rights.

On this International Day, as we move towards an increasingly digital world, we remember that information is power and that universal access is fundamental to building strong and inclusive societies.

We must use these tools to build the future we want to live in!

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