ProFuturo Mathematics: Mathematics for all

Learn Mathematics at the pace of your cognitive development, paying attention to how the brain builds the processes that will allow us to progress in learning. This is ProFuturo Mathematics and in this video we explain its fundamentals.

ProFuturo Mathematics: Mathematics for all

Mary had two apples. Her mother gave her three. How many apples does she have now? The way we arrive at the solution to this simple problem is vital in the development of our brain. Because when it comes to education, it is not only important to learn. Just as important, if not more so, is the how: how we learn what we learn and how this learning enhances our mind-building processes. In this, the development of neuroscience has played an essential role and ProFuturo has taken advantage of this to develop a tool for teaching Mathematics in vulnerable environments in 82 countries on three continents.

Because your place of birth or your socio-economic conditions cannot determine your education or your future, ProFuturo Mathematics designed by IteNlearning, is a tool that enables all children to reach the level of mathematical competence they need for life. And it does so by combining science and technology. Do you want to learn how? In this interview, Ernesto Ferrández, director of IteNlearning, tells us about it.

The ProFuturo Observatory has dealt extensively with the topic of mathematics teaching and learning. If you would like to take a look at the many articles we have written on the subject, you can find them all here.

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