ProFuturo’s 2022 in the international publications


ProFuturo’s 2022 in the international publications

Our work in bringing digital education to vulnerable areas in different regions resulted in the appearance of ProFuturo in several publications in 2022 as a leader in innovating education through technology. If you’d like to know more about some of our interventions in the educational sector, keep reading!

Before we head into 2023, which we want to be a year chock-full of learning for millions of children around the world, rather than just a date, we would like to step back and take a look at 8 major international publications which highlighted our education programme.

We’ve been working for over six years to ensure that digital education is a driver to transform the lives of students and teachers in vulnerable environments. That’s why, in this new year, we will continue to work to fulfil our mission. 

In the meantime, here are some of our appearances!

  1. Effective Teacher Professional Development Using Technology: Technology-Based Strategies from across the Globe to Enhance Teaching Practices – A Guidance Note

“Technology for Teaching” (T4T) is a World Bank programme that aims to help countries implement effective teacher professional development programmes that use technology solutions to train and support teachers.

ProFuturo was selected as one of the top 10 teacher training programmes in the world thanks to our cascade training model that promotes local talent. 

  1. UNHCR Education Report 2022 – All Inclusive The Campaign for Refugee Education

The UNHCR Refugee Education Report 2022, based on data from more than 40 countries around the world, provides a clear picture of the state of refugee education. The paper illustrates how refugee children and youth are falling behind their non-refugee peers when it comes to accessing quality inclusive education.

From 2021, ProFuturo is working with UNHCR to improve the quality of education for refugee children and the host community in Rwanda, benefiting more than 13,000 children and more than 300 teachers in the first year. 

  1. Knowledge Pack: Learning Management Systems for Education

The World Bank has developed short guides on specific EdTech topics, aimed at providing knowledge and understanding for non-EdTech stakeholders to make design and procurement decisions for education.

The Learning Management Systems (LMS) knowledge pack aims to be a starting point in the decision-making process that an entity might follow in deciding on the best course of action for choosing and deploying a platform to support online training.

ProFuturo was selected as an example of best practices in the selection process of a new open educational resource platform, highlighting the design process, development, piloting and evidence gathering to ensure good selection.

  1. Knowledge Pack: Teachers’ Skills & Skills Frameworks for Remote and Blended Learning

Another short guide developed by the World Bank on EdTech issues focuses on guiding the reader to identify and prioritise teachers’ digital skills and digital pedagogical competencies for distance and blended learning, and select a competency framework that meets the country’s needs and long-term vision.

ProFuturo’s Global Framework for Learning Competency in the Digital Era was selected as an example of a framework that includes and details what teachers need to know and do as they develop their functions and expand their capabilities.

  1. Transformational innovation The Global Education Coalition in action Compendium

This document, published by UNESCO in the context of the Educational Transformation Summit, outlines a new global cooperation model promoted by the Global Education Coalition (GEC). It is based on a methodology that mobilises the stakeholders and resources needed to implement active responses, coordinates actions that maximise the impact and ensure efficiency, and provides distance learning opportunities through a variety of high-, low- and no-tech solutions.

ProFuturo is listed as a partner of the Global Education Coalition (GEC) through our collaboration with Global Learning House (GLH) providing free supplementary educational resources for recovery programmes to mitigate the lost learning resulting from COVID-19. Also, through our participation in the Global Teacher Campus (GTC), an online campus that provides teachers and educators with resources to improve their knowledge and teaching practices using information and communication technologies (ICT).

  1. 2023 GEM Report consultation on technology and education

In June, the International Task Force on Teachers for Education 2030 and the Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report team convened an advisory meeting to gather feedback and evidence on the lines of research proposed in the concept note for the GEM 2023 Report on Technology and Education, published by UNESCO. The consultation focused on the ways in which education systems can support teachers to effectively teach, use and manage technology and overcome the barriers they face.

ProFuturo participated in this consultation on teacher professional development and pedagogy, sharing some of the lessons learned after 5 years of implementing our digital education programme and 2 years of developing it during COVID-19.

  1. Digital Skills Compendium

This compendium, published by the Latin American Coalition for Teaching Excellence, aimed to bring together initiatives that have strengthened teachers’ digital competencies in Latin America by addressing the digital skills frameworks that exist in the region, teacher training experiences and the assessment processes implemented to measure progress in digital teaching skills.

ProFuturo is mentioned in the document which summarises ProFuturo’s Global Framework for Global Framework for Learning Competency in the Digital Era. 

  1. Knowledge hub – Collection of best practices: ProFuturo Digital Education Programme

In the context of the UN Education Transformation Summit, examples of best practices in the education field that promote the achievement of SDG 4 were collected. These publications cover the issues addressed, the approach used, the implementation process, the objectives achieved and the lessons learned. 

In this way, ProFuturo was selected as an example of best practices for its innovative approach to digital education.

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