Learning to be a good school leader

School leadership is key to improving educational outcomes and promoting equity in education. However, these professionals face major challenges related to their workload, the loneliness of their positions, insufficient support and their lack of preparation. In this interview, Nuria Vives, head of the La Caixa Leadership for Learning Programme, explores the concept of pedagogical leadership and discusses how to promote education through effective leadership.

Learning to be a good school leader

Being a good communicator, making informed evidence-based decisions, knowing how to plan, evaluating the school’s needs properly and making other leaders grow… these are just some of the qualities the school management must have and constitute the factor with the second-greatest influence on the students’ learning. This is due to their ability to influence the team and generate the conditions to guarantee good teaching practice.

In this interview, Nuria Vives, head of the Leadership for Learning Programme of EduCaixa, tells us, among other things, what pedagogical leadership is, which characteristics good school leaders must have, what the main challenges to be found in the performance of their functions are and how we can improve education through leadership.

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