ProFuturo promotes STEM vocations among girls


ProFuturo promotes STEM vocations among girls

ProFuturo aims to contribute to gender equality by fostering STEM vocations, advocating the vital importance of empowering girls in scientific and technological fields in the world’s most vulnerable contexts. Our aim is to enable them to become what they want to be in the future.

In its firm commitment to narrowing the education gap around the world, ProFuturo recognises the crucial importance of promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) vocations among students. Aware that these areas are fundamental to global progress, our educational programme is based on the development of digital skills through technology and innovation in education. The aim is to provide quality digital content that boosts girls’ opportunities, especially in vulnerable and emergency contexts.

The importance of equal opportunities

According to UNESCO data, only 30% of the world’s scientific researchers are women and only 3% of Nobel prizes in science have been awarded to women.

In Spain, the report “Empleo IT y Mujer:10 profesiones con futuro” reveals that only 12% of students in STEM careers are women. The gender gap in science is real, and by 2030, eliminating gender disparities in education and ensuring equal access to all levels of education is one of the objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which is still far from being achieved, and will not happen until education becomes a national priority worldwide. ProFuturo is therefore working to change this.

ProFuturo and STEM education

Through our programme promoted by Fundación Telefónica and the Fundación “la Caixa” we support the aspirations of many girls who want to become doctors, engineers or mathematicians. In our ongoing work to encourage female participation in STEM vocations, we have confidence in the transformative power of digital education. Using technology, we strengthen specific educational content in science, technology and mathematics, inspiring girls to dream big and acquire essential 21st century competences. We are working to narrow the digital gap in education and, at the same time, minimise the gender gap.

Therefore, many of our educational resources and online tools focus on these branches of knowledge so as to contribute to the development of future STEM generations led by women. In this compilation video, we can see how the goal of accessing these professions is a latent need. From Nicaragua to Tanzania, our students are quite sure about what they want to be when they grow up.

We help you to be who you want to be

Our educational contents notably include resources that focus on science, technology and mathematics. We invite you to browse our website, in the section ProFuturo Observatory section, and our resources platform where you can find tools for teachers to help strengthen STEM vocations in students of different ages and in different contexts. 

We believe in the transformational power of education! And we want to continue building a future for Lydia, Lizeth, Nancy and thousands of girls who benefit from our programme. Our resources published on the web and on our social networks are free: share them with others. 


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