Welcome kit for teachers: kick off September with the very best resources

September has arrived to herald the end of the holidays and the start of a new school year in most countries in the northern hemisphere. Many of us, including parents, students and teachers, begin the school year with our school bags, briefcases and heads full of good intentions (which we hope will last). At the Observatory we want to help teachers by offering them a welcome kit to get them off to a good start, with tips, courses, resources and support networks. Don’t miss out!

Welcome kit for teachers: kick off September with the very best resources

Education for critical, safe, secure and responsible digital citizenship

We know that young children are fluent with the new technologies; however, they lack the technical, critical and social skills required to deal with the dangers they pose. This is why they have to be shown how to. In this article we offer some guidelines for teachers with regard to what it means to make critical, safe and responsible use of the new technologies and how to do so. And in this we bring together some practical resources for shaping good digital citizens.

Content curation: an essential skill in the 21st century

Did you know that nowadays, in just two days, we create as much information as that created over the last 2,000 years? Having all the information just one click away brings power that comes with a great deal of responsibility. How can we navigate this giant ocean of knowledge? How can we learn to manage it and capitalise on it in the classroom? We’ll explain it to you in this article. In this other we also list the main skills that teachers must master to become good content curators for their students. And in this one we provide some resources to help teachers to search for, select and develop different kinds of content and share them with their students.

How to become a cool maths teacher

What if we get everyone to enjoy learning mathematics in the classroom? What if we can make it a lever for change in the lives of students? Can we turn the “maths teacher” into that unforgettable teacher who changed your life? Yes, we can. If you want to know how, read this post. And if you also want to explore a digital educational proposal that enables all children to learn maths in the best possible way, regardless of their socio-economic conditions, we explain how here.

Teacher support and cooperation networks

On occasions teachers feel alone in their professional educational role. The above is particularly true in the case of teachers in countries in Southern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. ProFuturo therefore launched the Between Teachers teacher training programme, which relies on the creation of virtual communities, observation and peer-to-peer feedback to improve classroom teaching strategies in a practical and shared way and mitigate the isolation suffered by most teachers. In this post we tell you more details. In case you don’t know about it, we want to introduce the Comunidad Atenea, a free and open social network for collaborative learning in which educators can meet, share, find inspiration and learn from each other. Don’t miss out, in this post how it works and everything to be found there.

Current-day education needs teachers capable of structuring and implementing pedagogical practices supported by digital technologies in an innovative and motivating manner. This constitutes one of the cornerstones of the digital transformation of education. September is a good month to start being this kind of teacher.

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