A journey through ProFuturo’s 2022


A journey through ProFuturo’s 2022

ProFuturo’s 2022 has been a year full of events on digital education, we have expanded projects and new partnerships, reached new countries, many videos and, most importantly, we have increased the reach of our programme, benefiting millions of children and teachers. Would you like to relive it with us?


We are ending 2022 having reached the figure of 7.2 million children and 385,000 teachers benefiting around the world. In this way, we will start 2023 with 27 million children and 1.3 million teachers benefiting from our digital education programme over the almost 7 years that our digital education programme has been running. 

In addition, during 2022 we received more than 1.1 million visits to our openeducational resources from over 254,000 users.


2022 has also been a year marked by events that have helped us to make our work visible and to exchange reflections in very good company. Among them, we highlight the organisation of our annual #RunForFuture with more than 1,500 participants, the celebration of the ‘Africa Week’ in which our main allies participated or the commemoration of #RefugeeDay with luxury guests such as Nora Joumblatt.

In addition, in 2022 we co-organised the ‘Digital Teachers’ meeting together with INTEF, the high-level consultation of the GEM Report on ‘Learning and digital transformation in Ibero-America’, with UNESCO and the OEI, the 3rd edition of #hack4edu, the hackathon dedicated to digital education that we promoted with the UPSA in collaboration with the Telefónica Chairs Network and the #2022Symposium of the mEducation Alliance

Moreover, our programme was present at major education events such as the 5th edition of #enlightED, the UN Summit on Education Transformation, the Partner2Connect (ITU) event or the World Teachers’ Day meetings organised by UNESCO.


Almost a dozen streaming events, conversations with experts, interviews with teachers from all over the world and videos explaining our educational programme or work with partners have resulted in more than 2.5 million views on our YouTube channel. Among the most played videos by our users, the annual greeting with ‘2023, more than a date for education’ stands out, with more than 550 thousand reproductions (1.4 million between the different languages).


2022 was also a year marked by the launch of a renewed version #ProFuturoObservatory, our web space where we promote discussion and reflection on the current state of digital education in the world. 

In order to improve the user experience and offer a dynamic portal with the latest educational news, we have added a new section dedicated to all our collaborators who participate with their experience and knowledge in the creation of content, a “recommender” that allows the reader to access others that might interest him/her depending on the article he/she has just read or the organisation of the page with a new categorisation. These updates have brought the Observatory’s website almost 250,000 users in 2022. In addition, the Observatory’s Conversations with Experts videos have reached a total of 120,000 views during 2022.


In 2022 ProFuturo evolved its dynamic of working with allies towards a co-design model of collaboration. The aim is to seek project efficiency and sustainability by working in a consortium model in which the different allies contribute resources and expertise. The new model of partnerships also involves shared management, decision-making and accountability.

Among the most relevant alliances in 2022 are the renewal of the collaboration with UNHCR, extending our joint activities, already existing in Rwanda, to Zimbabwe and Nigeria; and the collaboration with UNESCO, under the umbrella of the Global Teacher Campus initiative, to carry out teacher training actions in five African countries.

Within the framework of alliances we have with multilateral organisations, we have bolstered our relationship with the OAS and the OEI, organisations which we work with to help defining the educational agendas of the countries of the region in the post-Covid era.

In 2022, we successfully completed the Teacher Professional Development project in Africa, which had been under way since 2020 in conjunction with several Teach for All global network partners in the region, and celebrated five years of our alliance in 7 countries with the NGO World Vision.Finally in this section, we highlight the start of a new alliance with the organisation NASCO Feeding Minds that will better the education of over 7,000 children in Ghana.


In order to further improve our deployment and to get first-hand feedback from our beneficiaries, we regularly conduct research, studies and evaluations of various kinds. In 2022, we completed an evaluation of the results of the Digital Teachers pilot project in Extremadura and a case study with a qualitative approach carried out in Zimbabwe and Guatemala.In addition, we began four new projects: a case study research with a qualitative ethnographic approach in Uruguay; an evaluation of the finding of the open teacher training project in Ecuador; a process evaluation to test the design of the deployment of the ProFuturo Mathematics content with pilot tests in Colombia, Brazil and South Africa; and an evaluability assessment of the programme in order to define the characteristics, relevance and scope of an impact evaluation.


During 2022 we have developed the new ProFuturo online platform, conducting user tests with more than 600 teachers in several countries and two pilots with specific calls with Peru and Mexico. The results of the tests have been very good, obtaining a very satisfactory NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 81% through the teacher questionnaires. All this work will now allow us to begin the mass roll-out of the new online platform. During 2023 we will continue to work towards the roll-out of the offline platform.

But always with a goal in mind. Bringing the transformative power of e-education to millions of children and teachers.

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